Tonight I Dined: La Ecomienda

My last stop in Madrid was dinner at La Ecomienda. It is a nicer restaurant, so make sure you arrange reservations...even though most of the tables were empty when I arrived and remained so throughout my meal, I was given a bit of a hard time over this. I started with a black tea and didn't have a large appetite, so I ordered the Vietnamese Rolls appetizer. I love a good crunchy spring roll, but there was some sauce drizzled on the plate that the rolls were sitting in, so they got very soggy. The taste was a bit bland so I dipped it in the peanut sauce...this was disappointing too. The sauce was thick, and basically peanut butter with no added seasonings. Their burgers looked super tasty, and I should have probably opted for that instead!

For dessert I got the berry cheesecake. It had a sweet nut crust and had the perfect creamy texture. They also plated it with the most amazing creme and some fresh berries. This cheesecake made the trip to La Ecomienda totally worth it for me!