Tonight I Dined: Pura Vida

By the time I arrived in Madrid I was really missing Tex-Mex food...what can I say, I live off of black beans and avocados in Houston. Luckily I found Pura Vida, a vegan bar restaurant that serves pizza, burgers, and tapas. I got the nachos, which was a large helping of round tortilla chips piled high with seasoned soy meat, black beans, peppers, cilantro, and some bomb guacamole. Honestly, my love for this guac runs deep. It was perfectly balanced between creamy, salty, and acidic. I wish I had two stomaches, because I would have filled my other one with Pura Vida their website for pics of the pies. You'll see interesting toppings and bubbly cheeze on a well-done crust piping hot from the oven, just the way I like that ish. They also have a few daily vegan desserts, and I got a slice of the carrot cake cause I needed some post-nacho veggies ;)

Pro Tip: If you get take-out make sure you have your own utensils...they had to give me one of their metal forks, and while it was nice, I'm sure they can't afford to be giving away their silverware to everyone!