Tonight I Dined: Nomit

Greetings everybody! It's been a while because I took a trip to Spain, so the next week or two of posts will be me catching y'all up with what I ate there!

The HappyCow website is indispensable when you're traveling. You can search the vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly options nearby. I was really impressed by all the 100% vegan options in Valencia, Spain's 3rd largest city. One of those restaurants was Nomit, a cute space along one of the main streets, the Gran Via. The space had wood and brightly colored pillows in one front room as well as a more intimate back dining room. I got there right when they opened for lunch, well when they opened according to their website anyway...I tried the door and it was locked. After loitering outside for 5 minutes, I went on a walk and came back in 10. They were finally open when I got there (good, that walk made me mad hungry). The menu is an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, tapas and juices. I ordered the seitan pita and fresh squeezed juice cocktail. The pita was crispy and filled with delicious wheat meat and veg. I couldn't tell you what the drizzles of sauce were...but they were fantastic and complimented the sandwich really well. The pita came with a side of tempura onion rings...omg, I can't remember the last time I had onion rings. They were only issue is that I wish there were soooo many more (and a lil ketchup would have been nice too). The restaurants in Spain don't serve tap water, so if you want water you have to buy it...and for marginally more you can get fresh juice, so I liked to treat mahself. The juice was really refreshing (I believe was a mix of orange and carrot).