Tonight I Dined: Aloha Vegan

Aloha Vegan Delights is a take-out vegan restaurant located on a narrow street near the Plaza de la Virgin in central Valencia. It was absolutely my favorite food in Valencia, and I loved/craved/obsessed over it so much that I went twice during my stay.

The space is extremely small, there are a few chairs against the wall, but I don't recommend dining in because there is just enough room for customers to stand and order and pay at the register. Take your food to-go and enjoy it on the steps near the fountain in the plaza, where you can gaze at some of the more touristy site in Valencia and people watch.

Both times I ate Aloha I ordered the Honolulu wrap with a side of seasoned potatoes. The wrap came in a wrap-holder-food-contraption-thingy that I could not figure out, and ended up with a mouthful of paper several times...when I did manage to take a bite of the sandwich it was filled with delicious marinated seitan, crispy lettuce, fresh tomato and mustard with a serious kick. This is comfort food that I could eat every day. And the potato wedges have a mystery seasoning which was so unique, it puts most standard wedges to absolute shame.

I, of course, also treated myself to the vegan pastry selection...on my first visit I got the GF hazelnut chocolate cake. The slice had wonderful flavor, the hazelnut really shined, but I found it a little dry. On my second visit I got a whipped cream filled croissant dipped in chocolate. I have never had something like this before (although I've seen non-vegan versions of it all the time). This gave me life. The croissant was so fluffy and light, and the cream, ooooh-weeee. And then the chocolate coating...Hallelujah! I think they rotate the pastry case offering quite frequently, but if you are in Valencia you need to take a chance and pop into Aloha for the possibility of tasting this most wonderful treat.