Tonight I Dined: 269 Gastro Vegan

I took a trip to the historic town of Salamanca located Northwest of Madrid to visit my dear friend. It was so lovely to meet with a familiar face instead of touring around solo. My friend treated this hungry vegan to lunch in town at 269 Gastro Vegan. Everything on the menu looked delicious, so we opted for the fixed lunch of the day. The meal was incredible, and I would love to go back and sample some of their tapas too!

The first course consisted of a creamy mushroom soup and a toast with a pate of cashew and tomato. The soup was well seasoned and so flavorful, I could eat it again and again! 

The second course was a cold salad, almost like a vegan ceviche. It featured chopped avocado, peppers and nori. The sauce was fantastic and I was glad to have a bit of kale for the first time in a while (hehe), but I'm not the biggest fan of nori/seaweed/kelp, which overpowered the dish somewhat for me.

The main course was a savory crepe filled with vegan chicken and mushroom with a side salad. Honestly, I don't think I have ever had a vegan crepe, so I was quite excited. The crepe was absolutely delicious, and jam packed full of soy meat in a creamy mushroom sauce. The portion was so large, I could have eaten just this course and been full!

The dessert course was a chocolate mouse cake with a layer of peach, drizzled with chocolate sauce. Yesss, peaches, yesss! In my opinion, peaches should be featured in all desserts. They bring a nice sweetness without being cloying. This cake was fantastic with it's combinations of smooth and crunchy textures. Mmmmm.

I really enjoyed my visit to Salamanca, and I was sad to say goodbye to my friend...but excited for the final leg of my trip...Barcelona.