Tonight I Dined: Loving Hut Valencia

I managed to stop into the Loving Hut location while I was in Valencia! I am never disappointed by the Huts in the states, so I was very excited to give this a try. For lunch they have a buffet set up...and while I tried a dozen different items, it was probably less a third of their spread. Hands down the vegetable curry was my favorite, but all of their tofu dishes are not to be missed. My least favorite thing was the fried ball (in the bottom right of the picture)...not sure what the filling was, but I'd skip it next time. For dessert I grabbed a creamy flan in a sweet sauce and a small piece of chocolate coconut cake. The flan was left me feeling lighter than most sweets, which was perfect after a huge plate of fried food! The waitstaff was really nice, and the weekend buffet was 10.50 Euros (9.50 on the weekdays), so not bad at all if you come to stuff your face with great food!