Tonight I Dined: Espiritu Libre

Espiritu Libre is a completely vegan establishment in Valencia operated by two French brothers. I was the first to arrive when they opened for dinner and the brothers were sitting out front at the bar. When I entered, one showed me to my table and the other popped in the back and fired up the stove. The menu is traditional, and everything seemed a little fancier than I was used to. I decided on the vegan sausage risotto with a side of vegetables. I really enjoyed the flavor and texture of the risotto, although I was not the biggest fan of the sausage...I'm used to Field Roast and Tofurky, and this was definitely something I had never had before. The brothers were kind and although they did not speak much English, I let them know I really enjoyed the food. All in all, the meal was very tasty and I would go back and sample their tapas and desserts!