Tonight I Dined: The Juice House

My last in meal in Barcelona was dinner at The Juice House. The menu include lots of labelled vegan options (they also label with GF, raw, lactose-free, sugar-free)! They have a huge selection of fresh-pressed juices too.

I ordered the Superfood Bowl with quinoa, marinated kale, spiced chickpeas, sweet potato, cauliflower, avocado, red onion, and tahini sauce. Oooh this was absolutely delicious...I knew I was eating something healthy, and I loved it. So many different textures and flavors that all worked in perfect harmony. I wish I could construct a Buddha/Superfood bowl as delicious as this one at home, because this would be great clean meal once a week.

For dessert (because of course I had to) I ordered the raw cheezecake. I was really surprised when it came in a glass. At first I thought they accidentally gave me pudding because the "filling" definitely didn't taste "cheezy". A few bites in I eventually found the nut crust. I liked it but it was on the sweet side. The fresh fruit on top was a nice touch, and the hard chocolate drizzle was awesome. Tbh, maybe I'm biased because I prefer cooked cheezecake ANY DESSERT to raw anyday.