Tonight I Dined: El Perro Gamberro

There were a good number of vegan places close to where I was staying in Madrid, and for lunch I headed on a short walk to El Perro Gamberro. I was the only diner in the restaurant at the time, and the staff there were really nice and explained the dishes to me. I began the meal with a delicious sweet hibiscus iced tea and a bread basket. They also threw in some complementary toast with nut pate. The bread in Spain is really unbeatable, and I didn't mind eating it morning, noon, and night. 

For the main course I really wanted to try the Spanish tortilla, but they were I got another traditional dish called patatas bravas. I saw this dish in many forms throughout Spain, and the potatoes were often drizzled with a duo of sauces: red hot sauce and a creamy ailoili. Here, the sauces seemed to be mixed because it was a creamy red sauce sauce on thin fried potatoes.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but the portion was huge...and it was quite messy (definitely a fork and knife, get greasy kind of dish). The sauce is advertised on the menu as spicy...I have to chuckle a little because at home the Tex-Mex food would categorize this spice level as no-heat. Delicious yes, spicy: heck no. If I wasn't so stuffed on bread I would have enjoyed some of their amazing looking desserts...