Something I Tried: Bio Kombucha

I love popping into the health food stores and organic markets anywhere. It's so cool seeing the different selection of vegan products around the world. In Spain, the one thing that struck me is the huge fake meat selection. Of course I didn't recognize any of the brands, but the selection was way larger than what I see here in the US. I wish I could have taken a few packages home, but they all needed refrigeration! Also, there are so many types of white chocolate made in the EU! I have only had white chocolate once, and it was a seasonal flavor by Sjaak's that I picked up from a Co-op in New Orleans. I managed to enjoy 2 entire white chocolate bars on the trip, and am so sad that I won't be able to find anything similar here.

The Organic Market on Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona was the one place that I spotted Spanish made kombucha. And I was living for it. I got the green tea flavor and it was straightforward and fizzy and pure delight. So so so good.