Tonight I Dined: Your Pie

A Your Pie franchise recently opened in downtown Houston. It is essentially a Chipotle for pizzas (I think y'all know how that works). First you choose a white or wheat crust (they have GF but that is extra $$) and load it up with all the toppings you want! The sweetest thing is that they have Daiya cheese and they don't charge extra for it...hell yeah. The Daiya was near the salad dressings, not next to the other cheeses (so fear not, if you don't see it). They also have 24 beers on tap, and a lot of local brews. The pizza was delicious and crispy and bubbling hot from the oven (omg the artichoke is my new fave topping), but the service was slow (I think they're working out the kinks since they're so new). I would def go again, it's a chill atmosphere and they have NFL Sunday ticket so you can enjoy pizza and beer while watching the game!
Artichoke, garlic, baby spinach, green bell pepper,
sun dried tomato, mushroom and Daiya
cheese on white crust