Tonight I Dined: Cava Grill

Cava Grill blew me away with their vegan selection, taste and quality. The menu has a handy chart to show which items are vegan (so make sure to pick one up before you get to the counter). You start by choosing your base (pita, grains, greens, or grains and greens) and add your protein, dips, veggies and sauce. The vegan proteins are roasted seasonal veg or falafel (with whole chickpeas inside!)...both were absolutely delicious. The vegan dips are hummus, red pepper hummus and harissa (this is super spicy, so I got it on the side!). I loaded up on the crisp and fresh vegetables and topped with the creamy lemon herb tahini (although it was already so flavorful, no sauce was even necessary!). Everything was super flavorful, light and delicious...I will definitely go back and try one of their drinks too (vanilla bean limeade or watermelon mint juice anyone?!!!).

...Just to emphasize, this place is awesome for vegans! I went to the Columbia, MD but this chain has several locations across the US, so check it out if you're in the area! And fingers crossed it will make its way to the Lone Star State.