Tonight I Dined: Johnny Rad's

Johhny Rad's near Patterson Park is awesome for vegans. They have a large selection of vegan options on their menu that are clearly labelled. I ordered the vegan Templeton pizza, a  cheese-less tomato pie. You could also create your own pizza with vegan cheese and meats. For dessert I got the vegan Cinnamon Donut Twist, a large portion of fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a sweet dipping glaze.The pizza was light and herby with a crispy crust, and the donut such a sweet treat! Both were excellent quality, tasted fantastic (I mean deeeelicious), and were very reasonable priced. Check the hours before you go because they are open for dinner (...I had trekked over there during lunch without knowing and was very disappointed!).
Templeton Pizza
Vegan Cinnamon Donut Twist