Tonight I Dined: Taja Indian

Finding an Indian restaurant that labels the vegan options is not easy (in the Houston area). Taja Indian opened at the end of August in Pearland in a large strip mall area and so I made the long drive down 288 for the noms. The atmosphere of the restaurant was open and modern with wooden tables and bright chairs. The menu is concise but includes three vegan entrees: aloo gobi, yellow dal, and channa masala. Each entree comes with a large portion of basmathi rice, and you can get a smaller side portion of any main with an entree for $1.50 if you want to try more than one. The vegan samosas are filled with a lightly spiced potato and pea mixture. The samosa was crispy and excellent, but I didn't like the dipping sauce it came with (but it had enough flavor that it wasn't necessary). The dal was very spicy but watery (I'm used to firmer dals, but this was more of a stew and still very delicious), and the channa masala had a light spice and great depth of tomato-ey flavor with hints of mango. The staff are very friendly and attentive, and I will definitely be back to try the aloo gobi next!
Channa Masala and samosa
Daal Entree