Something I Tried: Chewie Frutties

It's time to talk vegan candy...we are a month and a half out from Halloween and I need to start stocking up on my plastic jack-o-lantern full of sugary duds (not for the kids...for moi). I found these candies that looked very similar to Starburst at my local Spec's (it's a liquor and fine foods purveyor in the Lone Star State, and the one in Midtown Houston is like a booze amusement park). These Torie and Howard pomegranate and nectarine Chewie Frutties are flavored with both fruits as one flavor (i.e. there aren't two separate flavors in the bag). The flavor was tasty, but honestly had a flair of something a little medicinal (I'll chalk that up to the pom though). However the texture stopped me in my tracks. It was melt-in-your-mouth and stick-in-your-teeth and not at all like the chewy Starburst I remembered. No bueno...I'll stick with Mambas (they are labelled vegan ya know!) for my Starburst-esque fix.