Tonight I Dined: Boheme

Boheme is a cocktail bar tucked away on Fairview St. in Houston. I recently caught a happy hour and enjoyed a drink and ordered the renowned Adrienne's Vegan pizza. While it's in the pizza section, it's more of a muhammara flatbread in my humble opinion.

The Adrienne is topped with arugula, a selection of wild mushrooms, roasted tomato, basil and olives. The thin crust it super crispy, but holds up to a mountain of veggies. My favorite part was the sweet and delicious tomatoes that were a counterpoint to the savory saltiness of the other ingredients. It was simply fantastic, and while it lived up to the won't be an everyday buy because it's on the pricey side, and I would need 2 to even begin to fill me up! I'll get it again when I'm feeling fancy and treating myself.