Something I Tried: Trader Joe's Falafel

I have seen the frozen falafel at Trader Joe's for years...but never tried them before. I am really picky about my falafel because I've had some awesome ones. Truthfully, I wasn't convinced that the frozen kind ready in 1 minute in the microwave would be any good.

Yes, I had low expectations. But I bought the pack of 12 garbanzo patties anyway, because I was looking for some quick meal options. I served them atop a romaine salad accompanied by taboulli, red onion, eggplant hummus, and fresh cilantro.

And wouldn't you know, those low expectations...were far succeeded! The taste was really flavorful, with a good mix of spice and herbs. The texture was a bit crumbly, but that worked well in my salad. These are drier, and not oily so I think some people will like that. Overall, the falafel were very tasty, considering they are from a freezer!