Something I Tried: Good Karma Pumpkin Spice Nog

Ah longer just for the winter holidays because Good Karma has rolled out a flaxmilk Pumpkin Spice Nog and I'm reviewing it.

This nog is a pale yellow-orange color and while it's somewhat thicker than regular non-dairy milk, it's not as thick as I'd expect for a nog. It poured really smoothly unlike the TJ's pumpkin spice almond beverage that I reviewed last year. 

I drank the two ways: (1) straight outta the carton, and (2) in coffee as my attempt to recreate a PSL. The nog itself was delightfully pumpkin-y, but the spice notes were masked by the intense sweetness. It's a little too sweet for me to want to drink a cup of this on it's own. I've never had flaxmilk before, but it's pretty neutral and I couldn't taste any distinct flavors, so it made for a good nog base.

The nog did make for an amazing creamer, upgrading my cup of joe into a seasonal masterpiece. The Starbucks PSL is super sweet so I added some extra sugar in the raw and I think it was a solid knockoff. I think this product would be an excellent for non-dairy milk in baking, I'm imagining it would be spectacular in the accidentally vegan Duncan Hines boxed brownie mix. 

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Overall Taste: 7/10
Pumpkin-ness: 7/10