Pumpkin Nutty Bars

I found a delicious recipe on The Minimalist Baker blog for pumpkin bars with a gluten free crust. The recipe was simple, but she used some ingredients that I didn't have, so I made several substitutions. Also, I used a standard can of pumpkin, which wasn't quite enough, so my filling to curst ratio was a little skewed. For this recipe you will also need plenty of patience: 20 minutes to bake the crust, 1 additional hour to bake, and overnight to chill in the fridge. 

The dessert came out nearly perfect even with my swaps. It tasted creamy, sweet, and more than fulfilled my pumpkin craving! My only criticism is that I am and will always be more of a fan of the taste and texture of graham cracker crust...but this almond-oat-coconut one is incredible.