Something I Tried: Nate's Bombay Chaat

I was in Sprouts recently and spotted this frozen Indian meal from Nate's. According to the website, Nate's is a vegetarian company specializing in frozen foods that include Indian cuisine, meatless meatballs, and falafels. This is a totally random combination, so I wondered how well they could deliver on authentic flavors.

I wasn't sure what Bombay Chaat was, but I'm sold by anything curry.  I opened the package and was surprised to see it was two tiny patties and a small side of white peas. I thought it would be more of a meal...but to me, this was a snack. Ok, size aside, how did it taste?

The patties on their own were tasty, but I'm glad it came with the sauce, because it really amped up the flavor. The mint chutney was deceivingly spicy...but so good! I really loved the sweet and tangy chutney, it was fruity and perfectly balanced the spiced patty. The curry was also delicious and the texture was melt-in-your-mouth...just wish there was more.

Overall, this was delicious, but for the price is a little expensive as a snack. I would however, like to try Nate's garlic and pesto falafels...I think that could be the start of an amazing Meditteranean dish.