Something I Tried: Kroger Hot Dog Buns

Up Next: a processed white bread review! Are you a fan? I feel like most health-conscious vegans would shudder at the thought...

But, these buns reminds me of childhood. They make the most fantastic pairing with Lightlife Jumbo Smart Dogs. It really makes an authentic hot dog experience, the way the bun sort of squishes around the dog with eat bite. They were delicious, and exactly what I wanted, no frills. I topped my dogs with a quick tabbouli (by adding chopped parsley to some store-bought fresh pico de gallo), ketchup, and mustard. You've got to try this tabbouli hack, especially if you like a little spice.

Oh, and did I mention Kroger labelled these buns 'Suitable For Vegans', and they were only $1 for an 8 pack? Love it!