Tonight I Dined: Shouk

I have been looking forward to a visit to the all vegan Shouk in DC since I was informed about their opening in an article from VegNews in early May. The flavors are Middle Eastern...but this isn't your typical greasy falafel fast food restaurant. The vibe of Shouk is fresh and clean, with an open food assembly area and small section for dry goods. The focused menu consists of pita sandwich options, salads and sides. All of the options promise to be palate pleasing flavor combinations for a unique and healthful meal. My sister ordered the cauliflower pita with tahini and jalapeno oil and I got the fennel pita with potato, red pepper and pistachio pesto. The pita was soft and chewy and was filled generously with the veg. The star of my sandwich was definitely the pesto schmear...with its extraordinary depth of flavor and nice texture I would eat this again and again. We also shared a side of sweet potato fries that was served with cashew labneh (I would give up ketchup forever if I had the recipe of this dip!). Shouk's offerings surpass most other Middle Eastern food I have had, and it is an absolute must for DC vegheads and omnis alike!
The meal.
Veggie loving sisters.