Tonight I Dined: Hangawi

I have wanted to eat at Hangawi for over a year. Last time I was in NYC I stopped in...only to be made aware that reservations are a must! This year I did it right and made reservations for lunch. When you step into this Korean vegan eatery you are immediately transported to a space far far away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Once inside make sure to leave your shoes at the entrance and make your way to the low dining tables and get comfy on the cushions. I ordered the bean curd stew in soy bean paste. The stew came in a stone bowl that boiled and bubbled throughout the meal. The umami taste was was singing with tofu, mushrooms, potatoes and other veg in a miso broth. The stew was extra thick at the bottom from the veg cooking in the broth. This lunch special was served with a side of fragrant rice and both spicy kimchee and fermented cabbage. I also tried the shissandra chinessis tea which was an outpouring of flavor...It was such a lovely and serene environment that I discreetly took a pic (it did not come out well hehe), but trust me that Hangawi is a must for vegans looking to explore Korean time I'll go classic with some bibimbap!
Korean umami bomb...bean curd stew