Tonight I Dined: Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a hippie themed pizza chain...that is very friendly to vegheads. I hit up the location in Newport News, VA and ordered the half portion of the tofu hoagie. Make sure to request to make it vegan by holding the cheese and mayo (they do have vegan cheese available for sandwiches, calzones and pizza if you want!). The marinated tofu was really flavorful, the onions, mushrooms and peppers were tender from the grill and it was loaded with crunchy sprouts (put sprouts on anything and it's instantly healthy amirite?...) This huge half portion also came with a bag of crunchy kettle chips all for $5.99. I came away very satisfied with this sandwich, but next time will go all the way with a pizza!
Hoagie time.