Tonight I Dined: Tribe Collective

For breakfast in Lafayette I headed to Tribe Collective, a juice shop with some light bites. I was really excited that their menu included vegan biscuits and Earth Balance, but they weren't serving the menu at the time. I was definitely disappointed, but I can whip up a delicious biscuit at home, so I'll survive til then.

My options were the fresh drinks, any of the raw foods in the cold case, and the pastry case. Since the pastry case was filled with tons of phenomenal looking vegan sweets, this was an incredibly difficult decision. I opted for an Irish Creme bar, because I had never had something like it and St. Patty's was a few days away. The base was a crumbly and chocolaty and oh so good. The bright green filling seemed to be a mousse...I'm not sure if it was my eyes tricking me, but I thought I detected a hint of mint. And the ganache...incredible! Each bite was a magnificent blend of textures and flavors, and it was so decadent. What a breakfast!

Pro Tip: It's attached to a gas station convenience store--don't pass it by!