Something I Tried: So Delicious Peachy Maple Pecan

I've been yearning for the new So Delicious cashew ice creams since I heard their existence announced a month or so ago. I had been refreshing the product finder on their website for days on end, and finally a new flavor popped up at one of the Whole Foods in the area (not my usual location, but I will travel for vegan food). Prepared to try the Chocolate Drizzled Bananas Foster, because it was the only one listed as in-stock on the website, I was excited to see all of the new flavors in the freezer!

I reached for the Peachy Maple Pecan, because that is the flavor I was looking forward to the most. Not necessarily because I thought it would be the most delicious, or that it had the best reviews, but I had a strong love for peach ice cream in my pre-vegan days. I believe it was the seasonal summer flavor at Dairy Delite in Levittown, PA, and since dairy is indeed not delightful, I have been waiting for a creamy vegan peach ice cream to hit the market!

Now on to the main event, the taste test. The ice cream is more of a plain ice cream with peach swirls, so the peach doesn't hit you at first. However, with each spoonful the peachiness slowly builds. While it wasn't quite enough for this peach lover, I believe the subtlety of the fruit flavor will appeal to most. The ice cream also has a definitive maple flavor, which is scrumptious, but very sweet! The crunchy pecans are dotted throughout and add a great textural component. And who doesn't love a pecan?!?

This is a delicious, very creamy flavor that is just about perfect for summertime snackers on a warm day. I believe most adventurous eaters will enjoy this ice cream, but stay away if you don't like peaches n cream at all, there are probably better flavors for you out there!