Tonight I Dined: Southport Line

I got a great tip from Vegan Life on the Gulf Coast to go eat at Southport Line in Biloxi, MS. The restaurant is in a beautiful old building with a large airy porch in the historic downtown district.

The menu at Southport Line has a vegan section (although one sandwich had mozzarella, but I didn't ask about it). I ordered the portobello banh mi poboy which came with large pieces of grilled mushroom, rough-cut pickled vegetables, and a cilantro vinaigrette. You have options for sides, but the only one that seemed vegan was Zapp's chips. I'm a chip girl, so I'll take it. 

The sandwich was phenomenal, but I must remark that the bread wasn't as light and airy as most poboy bread, it was more of a baguette. It wasn't as expected, but still delicious. The mushrooms were meaty and seasoned well with a good grill flavor. The pickled veg were nice and sour and crunchy from their thick cut. I detected lots of anise (yum) with hints of other aromatics. There was a hint of the herby vinaigrette, and it wasn't over-dressed. This poboy was a great spin on a classic Vietnamese sandwich, with the pickles being my favorite component!

It was a little pricey at $11, but it was an incredibly delicious meal in a beautiful space, so I would suggest it to all the vegans (and non-vegans) passing through Biloxi.