Tonight I Dined: The Kettle Cafe

Ocean Springs, MS is a bit east of Biloxi and you pass it on your way to Alabama. I was surprised to see on HappyCow that the small town has an all-vegan restaurant. The menu is comprised of coffees, teas, sweets, and other light bites. Starving after a kayak ride I headed to The Kettle Cafe

I can't write this review without mentioning how awkward I felt about the service. Upon walking in I was not greeted, and instead she just stared as I walked to the counter. I ordered my food and she was quite curt. My bf tried to order something sans mayo and she said everything had vegenaise in it in a way that just rubbed me the wrong way. Let's just say, don't try to customize anything here (with the reasonable understanding that some things may be pre-mixed in). I wanted to order cheesecake too, but to be honest, I felt so awkward I didn't care to stay for dessert.

This bothers me because as the one representative of vegan restaurants in the community, everyone should feel welcome at this eatery.  It should be a joyful space celebrating cruelty-free food, but instead I wanted to get out asap. I hope it was an off day and that other people have a different experience.

On to the food. I ordered the Baked BBQ Tofu and coleslaw sandwich that came with chips and a pickle. The bun was one of those store-bought hamburger buns, which didn't hold up to the sauce and the bottom was soaked. A ciabatta or thicker bread would have been better here. The tofu was outstanding and the jalapeno coleslaw was spicy and delicious, but a bit too sweet.