Tonight I Dined: Tapioca Place

Back in Houston my schedule works out so that I always eat lunch out once a week. Often I go for the beancurd skin at 99 Ranch, but this time I tried out a new banh mi spot called Tapioca Place. I got there 5 minutes after they opened and the door was locked. It's awkward to be the first, try to open the door to a business and fail, and then wait around for them to actually open it. But anyway... 

I ordered the tofu banh mi without butter. There isn't too much else on the small menu that's vegan but you can grab a bag of chips and a tea. The tofu was lightly fried and the pickled veg were delicious. The raw jalapeno wasn't that spicy which was a relief. There was a nice splash of soy sauce that I usually don't get on other banh mi sandwiches, and I loved the umami flavor it added. It was so delicious, if I go back I'm getting two.