Tonight I Dined: HipCityVeg Broad St. Edition

I've been to HipCityVeg locations in Philly and DC numerous times (see here and here). It's a staple for delicious American style vegan fast food. I was very excited to try their breakfast options that are exclusive to the Broad St. location.

First of all, in all my years, I have never had a vegan interpretation of lox. I have watched plenty of Youtube videos, and I have determined that there seems to be two main categories, carrot lox and tomato lox. HipCityVeg offers the Lox and Loaded bagel featuring carrot lox, avocado, cuke, tomato, red onion, sprouts and vegan cream cheese. The everything bagel itself was chewy and delicious, and the veggies super fresh and crisp. The carrot lox however were just smoky and sweet...there wasn't much of a seafood taste at all. While many things at HipCity could fool a meat eater, these lox could not. The cream cheese was delicious, and while I've observed most people like a ton of the spread, it was a little heavy handed for me.

I also got a super crispy hash brown reminiscent of those from Mickey D's. That's how you know it's good...cause it tastes like a childhood fave. It was crunchy and crackly and paired really well with my bagel sandwich.