Handmade Corn Tortillas

My bf was gifted a taco-making gift set that included a tortilla press and tortilla warmer. I never thought I'd be making my own tortillas, because honestly I was intimidated. They are complex in their simplicity, with so few steps, everything has to come together perfectly. It took a few duds (still edible but misshapen and/or burned), but then we were cranking out beautiful thin circular discs of masa in no time. These were really delicious and can be used for all of your taco making needs.

Handmade Corn Tortillas
2 C masa harina
1 C water + up to 1/2 C more
dash Kosher sea salt
1/2 tsp vegetable oil

1. In a large bowl add masa and salt. Add vegetable oil to 1 C water and stir. Add water/oil mixture to dry mix. Mix with your hands, add more water if it is too dry.
2. Work dough for several minutes, making sure there are no pockets of dry mix.
3. Cover with damp paper towel or damp clean cloth and set aside for 20 minutes.
4. Form dough into golf ball size balls. 
5. Cut a gallon ziploc bag on two sides so that you can place the dough between it and easily peel it out. Lightly oil the inside of bags (the sides that will touch the dough). Place the dough in the bag and center on the tortilla press. Press and gently remove--this bit needs some technique so you don't rip the thin disc. 
6. Heat a skillet or flat griddle to high heat. Add tortilla and cook about 45 seconds on a side, or more if necessary. Keep an eye on it so that it doesn't burn.
7. Add to cloth-lined tortilla warmer. This will keep them warm and the steam will keep the crispy ones more pliable.