Something I Tried: Tres Pupusas

As an avid lover of tamales and thus masa, I am wondering why I never had pupusas before--I guess I have not come across any vegan version of the Salvadorean stuffed masa cake. But lo and behold HEB comes through again, this time, in the freezer aisle.

Tres Latin Foods has a line of pupusas, several of which are vegetarian, and two of which are vegan. I tried the Black Bean and Sweet Corn flavor, but the Kale and Pinto Bean flavor sounds equally fantastic.

Now, I'm sure frozen pupusas are not as delicious as a handmade fresh ones, but given that constraint, these are 10 out of 10 amazing! I chose the stovetop cooking method and the browning of the masa in the skillet gave it a perfect crackly crisp. The masa was filled with a thick black bean paste simply flavored with salt. The beans were definitely dominant over the corn, but there was of course the nice corn taste from the masa. I topped my pupusas with a generous amount of chili lime Cholulua and some fresh cilantro. Glorious.

These were incredible, the only downside is they are a little pricy at 4 (2.5 oz) pupusas for $5. But at least I have a new goal for 2018--perfect my own vegan pupusas!