Something I Tried: Leaf Cuisine Smoky Goudha

I was really excited to see a new vegan cheese product on the shelves at Whole Foods. The first time I saw it, I passed on purchasing it because I was buying some Daiya shreds for my recipe needs. But the second time I saw it, it was on a good sale, which made it all the more tempting, so I picked up an 8 oz tub. 

The Leaf Cuisine dairy-free spread was available in three flavors: Garlicky Herb, Peppery Jack, and Smoky Goudha. I grabbed the smoky goudha and some crackers. The first thing I noticed was the very cheezy smell when I opened the package. This made me recoil in the same way I do when I pass the dairy cheese section in the grocery. The smell was kind of "too real" for me. I spread the creamy dip onto the crackers and took a bite. The taste was first and foremost intensely smoky. It was, secondly, sour from the fermentation of the cashews. Since I didn't love the strong taste as-is, I also tried it stirred into my vegan chili mac. This was no bueno also.

This is one of those situations where I realize this is a good product, with a good flavor, but that flavor is not for me. I wouldn't hesitate to try the garlicky herb, because I think that would be heavenly with some wine and be more suited to my tastebuds. Have you tried this flavor, or any other Leaf Cuisine products? What do you think?

Afterword: I usually spell this cheese, gouda, with no h. Not sure why the company chose to spell it differently, but my spellcheck is hating them for it.