Things I Cook With Sis

I left the warmth of Texas to visit family in the bitter cold Northeast for the New Year. I got sick as a dog and of course I'm blaming it on the chilly weather. As a Texan, I can't exist below 60 degrees.

The highlight of the trip (pre-sickness) was our glassblowing adventure at McFadden Art Glass. It was my first time, and they let you do a lot. The glowing red molten glass was intimidating to say the least, but I got a pint glass out of it! Also exciting was all the food I made with my veggie sister. Check out the pics and the descriptions below!

Chocolate chia pudding with bananas and maple syrup

We stopped at H-Mart and got some great, fresh ingredients including
delicious fried tofu that we served with a spicy General Tso's sauce,
steamed broccoli, bean sprouts and rice.
We made yummy fried Chinese eggplant, steamed baby bok choy,
and a black pepper King Oyster mushroom sautee.

My sister gifted me some Hex Ferments New Farmer Kimchi 
that is handmade in Baltimore. It was made with Napa cabbage,
 traditional to kimchi, but was not spicy with the usual red chili/
gochujang. It reminded me more of the raw sauerkraut I eat since
it wasn't spicy, and it was incredible. We had it on some Field Roast
sausages on hoagie rolls.