Tonight I Dined: Goldie

I finally tried Philly's newest vegan hotspot, Goldie on Sansom St. And if you're going to Goldie, you're going for falafel because the menu is exclusively made up of falafel sandwiches, fries, and milkshakes.

Unlike a lot of the falafel joints, you don't go down the assembly line selecting your toppings. It comes with Israeli salad (cukes and tomatoes) and cabbage. The tahini does come in 3 flavors, and I chose the amba. The sauce is a sour pickled mango condiment, common to both Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine. I'm not sure if theirs is house-made, but they do sell bottles of Israeli amba אמבה in their pantry. The falafel are small balls with a light golden coating, and while obviously fried, they aren't super crispy with layers of oily crunch. The inside of the falafel is soft and incredibly flavorful, and colored bright green from what I assume is fresh parsley. The pita was fluffy and soft, but held its large contents very well, with no rips. Of course you have to eat this pita in one go, because putting the sandwich down could create a cascade of vegan goodness spilling out. 

The highlight for me was the amba tahini was a flavor I never had before and it complimented everything else in the sandwich. One thing I would have preferred was to have a toppings bar to customize my pita, because I sure do love the crunch of fried eggplant and the snap of a kosher pickle.

Now let's get to the tahini milkshakes...

They have 4 flavors, original, banana, milk chocolate and Turkish coffee. I went with the coffee and it was super decadent. It was one of the most creamy and indulgent shakes I've had and it was topped with a crumb which tasted like hazelnut cookie dough (don't know what it actually was, but that's what my tastebuds thought). The coffee flavor brought a depth and nice sweetness and I could not get enough for $4. The pic below doesn't do it justice, but I had drank half of it on the walk home in the 10 degree weather. 

Get thee to's truly a vegan destination that stands out among all the delicious options in Philly.