Tonight I Dined: Pondicheri

Pondicheri is a modern Indian street food restaurant with an upstairs bakeshop. The restaurant observes Meatless Mondays (yay yay yay!), but on any day you can get a wonderful vegan meal. Their menu clearly indicates which dishes are vegan, and which ones can be made vegan with modification. I went for breakfast and the menu had both sweet and savory items, and plenty of choice for vegans. I ordered the Masala dosa entree at the counter and the food came pretty fast. The lightly spiced potato filling was a vibrant yellow hue and the dosa was crispy perfection. The meal was accompanied by sambhar (a lentil stew), spicy tomato relish, and sautéed spinach. The greens didn't have much flavor on their own, but when dipped in the sambhar it was a real delight. And the spicy relish, oh boy. So much flavor. They should bottle this and let ya take it home, it's that good. N.B. I also wanted a masala chai, but the staff said it's made in batches and already has dairy in it, but if you order a coffee based drink they have almond milk and don't up-charge!