Something I Tried: Tofurky Slow Roasted Chik'n BBQ

To my delight, the Tofurky Slow Roasted Chik'n was on sale at my Kroger, so I picked up the BBQ flavor. I had tried the Sesame Garlic flavor before when my sister made a stir fry, so I knew roughly what it would be, texture and taste wise. However, the BBQ sauce was going to be key in my assessment because I find that pre-made BBQ sauces are always too sweet. The preparation was so quick, just poke a few holes into the plastic and nuke for 60 seconds. I tasted the chik'n on it's own, and also served it on top of a sweet potato with some Daiya cheddar. I was really impressed by this faux meat, I mean, I really liked it. The texture was melt-in-your mouth, uneven pieces (almost thickly shredded), and not plastic-y like their famous Tofurky Roast (btw- no hate this was my go-to holiday main course before Field Roast came on the scene). The sauce was tangy and smoky more than sweet, so it was a winner. Given how fast this meal came together, and how well everything paired to create an awesome bite of food, I would definitely by this chik'n again (this would also be perfection on a nice roll with a side of chips or in a wrap with lots of fresh, crunchy veggie).