Something I Tried: Sweet Earth Seitan Slices

In this post I'm reviewing Sweet Earth Seitan Slices because I wanted an excuse to post another Philly steak sandwich. My sister brought down some hoagie rolls from the North East to make the experience totally authentic (unfortunately in Houston you can buy po boy bread, and bollilos, but no proper hoagie rolls). This meal was ready in 10 minutes: I sautéed the slices with sliced onions in a little bit of oil and black pepper until they were brown. Then I assembled the sandwich on the oven-warmed rolls with a charred jalapeno and lotsa ketchup. I served the sandwich with some raw sauerkraut and chips...yum! This was one of the tastiest sandwiches I've had in a long time. The seitan is really delicious and the texture is perfect for a steak sandwich. The slices are varying thickness, but I actually really liked that. The crunch of the onion was the perfect accompaniment to the savory faux meat. This meal was (1) tasty AF, (2) quick to prepare, and (3) cheap. Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to eat this once a week...
9/10 (another winner from Sweet Earth!)