Tonight I Dined: Tacos a Go Go

There is an abundance of taco shops and trucks in Houston. Unfortunately, very few of them of them are vegan friendly. Because of this, I most of my tacos at home (my fave is soyrizo on corn tortillas with cilantro and chopped raw onion), however, Tacodeli and Tacos a Go Go are two great taquerias that label vegan options. 

I love the Verde taco that comes with squash, mushrooms, carrots, onions, and black beans--but you must hold the pepper cream sauce to make it vegan. To pep it up, you can also order a side of guac ($1.25) to schmear on top (this was enough for 4 tacos). Tacos a Go Go also has an unlimited salsa bar with some of the best salsas around. The tomatillo is my personal fave, because some of the others get extremely spicy. Sample them all to find your fave! The tacos are cheap at $2.29, so you can also treat yourself to a marg or draft beer while you're at it.