The Lovin' Spoonful: Aloo Gobi

My sister came to town last week to conduct some research. Since it was a business trip, we didn't have too much time together, but we did manage to cook one dinner. I wanted to do something similar to my samosa wrap, because it was so excellent. So, we prepared aloo gobi, an Indian spiced cauliflower and potato dish. We served it with fresh cilantro, basmathi rice, and chutney. The dish was fantastic...and the leftovers were even better because it was infused with even more spiciness. 

We bought the Mango Ginger chutney from Trader Joe's. Chutney is not something I've eaten too much of, and after this one, my question is why? It's deliciously fruit-based, tangy, and a little spicy. It was the perfect compliment to dip the aloo gobi into. 

My sister had the delightful experience of cooking in my Houston kitchen in the summer, in a small apartment with A/C window units. We were shvitzing for hours afterwards. It's only June and I can't take too much more of the heat, so maybe you will see me eating no-cook dishes a little more in the next few months!