Tonight I Dined: Local Foods

The nightly specials at Local Foods in Houston always offer unique vegan options. These have included chicken and dumplings and Frito pie, power bowls, and pasta dishes. Last week chicken fried mushroom steak with greens, mashed potatoes, topped with white gravy was featured on the menu. 

I have never eaten something "chicken fried" and needed it that instant. Let me break the experience down for you. A thick portabella mushroom was coated in a crunchy breading and fried. The crispiness was everything. It even stood up to the slathering of white gravy without getting soggy. The white gravy itself was light and perfect for summer, bringing a creaminess without weighing you down. The steak was served upon sauteed greens which were nice and salty and some perfectly prepared mashed potatoes. It kept me full a good long while.

I've had prettier dishes, but hey, at least there was a sprinkling of some fresh herbs. But really, this dish was all about taste, and it brought it 10/10. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a homey meal. 

Other recommendations: The best deal is a sandwich with 2 sides. Get the vegan meatball hoagie ($10.50) and thank me later. For a light bite order a bowl of the vegan gumbo ($5.50). It's not too spicy, but chock full of veggies in a flavorful roux broth.