Tonight I Dined: Les Noo'dle

I was really excited to try Les Noo'dle in Montrose because they have 3 phos, one of which is labelled vegan. When I wrote about the opening, the menu noted that you could choose up to five of the following toppings for the pho chay: zucchini, king oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom, and lotus rootlet. To my slight disappointment, when I went, the restaurant said you can only choose up to 3.

I ordered the enoki, zucchini, and tofu. The tofu was deliciously golden brown, but there were so few pieces (the ones in the picture are cut in half as you can see). The zucchini was cut in small spirals, and I really liked them in the soup. The broth was way more flavorful than most vegan phos I've had, however there was a distinct sweetness that was too overpowering. I couldn't finish the bowl, which is rare for me, because the soup was too darn sweet even with a squeeze of lime.

I think some people will really like this, but unfortunately, I wouldn't order it again because of the undesirable sweetness.