Vegan Around Town

I am still recovering from an injury and I haven't cooked much. I've managed to make a really nice homemade salsa and that's about it. 

Instead of my usual recipes and reviews, I figured I can write a blog post with vegan news about Houston!

Recently Open
  • Les Noo'dle is a re-imagining of Les Ba'get in Montrose. The small menu includes labelled vegan pho (pho chay) where you choose from toppings such as zucchini, king and enoki mushrooms, lotus roots, and tofu.

  • Dobermans is a new sports pub on the site of the ill-fated BRC gastropub on Shepherd Drive. The spot has a few local craft brews and a vegan-friendly menu. I only had the fries, but they were thick-cut and sprinkled with black pepper. Absolutely delicious. 

New Vegan Dishes

Almost Open
  • Oddball Eats is a Houston-based food truck that is getting it's first permanent location at downtown's Finn Hall later this spring. Their vegan-friendly menu includes crazy delicious ful (fava beans) and falafel. The pickled veg they put on everything is scrumptious.

Upcoming Vegan Events
Countdown to Summer (5/4): Ripe food truck at Holler Brewery (free, cost of food only)
Cooking With Tofu Class (6/1): Beginner tofu cooking class, part 1 of 3 ($15)
Vegandale (6/2): Toronto-based vegan festival bringing out-of-town vegan vendors ($10)
Chi' Vegan Brunch (6/3): Vegan food, desserts, and mimosas (free, donation suggested)
VegFest Houston (7/21): Vegan festival held in Stafford, TX (free, cost of food only)