Something I Tried: Trader Joe's Rainbow Wrap

June is Pride Month, so I hope you're celebrating accordingly 🌈. Trader Joe's is dipping their toe in  the multicolored food world by debuting the Rainbow Wrap. The wrap is a beet tortilla stuffed with beets, sweet potatoes, fresh spinach and curry hummus.

I'm not sure if this is limited edition or if you're interested, you better go shopping soon.

The rainbow wrap was delicious, and held up much better than TJ's pre-made hummus wraps (i.e. less soggy). I think this was because of the plastic container instead of plastic wrap. I loved the combination of textures from the crunch of the beet to the creamy hummus which was speckled with whole chickpeas. The only thing disappointing about the wrap was that I detected almost no curry flavor in the hummus. Whomp, whomp. If they amped up the flavor of the hummus it would compliment the earthiness of the beets and sweet potatoes and be more balanced. A little spice never hurt anybody. 

Overall it's delicious, as it should be for one of TJ's more expensive pre-made sandwiches ($4.49) in the refrigerated section. It would be even more delectable served with some rainbow potato chips.