Tonight I Dined: Loving Hut Houston

This review is really a throwback. I used to eat lunch at Loving Hut one to two times a week when I worked out in west Houston. I went recently and I of course ordered one of my favorites, Sweet and Sour Devine. This take on sweet and sour has breaded and fried vegetable protein chunks to stand in for chicken. The sauce is nice and sweet and is delicious with a splash of soy sauce. The breading is some of the crispiest I've ever had. So good! My other menu favorites include the BBQ Vermicelli, Saigon Crispy Tofu, and Noble Broccoli.

The staff are really friendly, and I always end up striking up a conversation while I'm there. I must remark that the menu prices are high. They are as I remembered but I guess could afford spending quite a bit on lunch back at my old job. Another thing is that rice is sold separately. This dish alone was $11.50 with tax and tip--with rice the total would have been closer to $14. The food is delicious and 100% vegan, but considering San San Tofu is not too far away and has a $7 lunch special for a huge portion of rice and 3 dishes, I can't necessarily rave about Loving Hut for those watching their wallet. However, it is delicious food, and they have awesome dessert options (think flan, cheesecake, and cake), drinks (think creamy chai, and Thai iced tea with boba) so it's worth checking out!