Tonight I Dined: Veggie Heaven

After shuttering for 2 years, Veggie Heaven reopened in Austin last year and I finally got a taste this past weekend. They moved from their original location on the Drag along UT's campus to a space on 5th St.--with much better parking options if I may add! You would know how important this is if you ever got stuck performing a 50-point turn in the sardine can size lot at the first location.

Now on to the food...

I ordered* the legendary Protein 2000 with crispy fried vegan protein in a sticky brown sauce with steamed broccoli. This was incredible, imagine a General Tso's without the tang but with a light sweetness and saltiness. So darn good. My bf ordered the Kung Pao Chowmein which was chock full of crunchy veg atop a bed of ramen noodles in a spicy sauce. It was awesome even though it was missing the dish's signature peanuts. We also ordered a baozi as an appetizer--this steamed bun was filled with veggies and tofu and came with a side of house-made kimchi. The bun itself was fluffy and delicious, but the filling was a little tasteless. They do have a curry bun which I think may be a better selection. And of course I treated myself to a Thai Iced Tea bubble tea to-go. It was so lusciously creamy and delicious, I enjoyed sipping it all the way to our next stop Pinballz Arcade!

*The choice of dish was excruciating because everything looked amazing. On such an occasion I wish that I had four stomachs like our bovine friends. Next time I go I am most certainly ordering the fried mushroom in tangerine sauce and the Protein Vader.