Something I Tried: Daiya Fire Roasted Vegtable Pizza

The Big Game is tomorrow and I'm actually excited about the game this year since the Eagles are my home team. I have an exciting spread planned for Sunday but since that post won't go up until after the game I present a review of pizza, a classic gameday nosh.

This Daiya brand frozen pizza is a gluten-free crust topped with red onion, green bell pepper, and yellow bell pepper with tomato basil marinara sauce and mozzarella shreds. After a quick pop in the oven the pizza came out piping hot with gooey melted cheese. I happened to have some garlic "butter" sauce from Papa John's that is accidentally vegan to dip my slices in like a true champ.  

The crust of the pizza was phenomenal--it's no secret that I think the texture of gluten-free items are often off, but I could absolutely not tell the difference between this and a wheat crust! The sauce was really good and slightly herb-y and the Daiya shreds were delicious as usual. The highlight was the roasted vegetable toppings which had a mild smoky flavor and still a little bit of crunch. 

The pizza was great and since it's conveniently available in the frozen section, you won't have to wait those long delivery times. So if you want something quick and delicious for your gameday spread, this is a great option!