Tonight I Dined: Baked With Love HTX

A vegan baker has been selling their goods in Houston via online ordering, but I found that they also exclusively serve them at one storefront in town: Ahh, Coffee. The company is called Baked with Love HTX and they bake empanadas, kolaches, and donuts among other sweet and savory items!

After trying a new coffeeshop, Giant Leap Coffee in Eado I swung around the corner to Ahh for my vegan goodies. I made a beeline for the pastry case and asked what they had available that day. While the decision was really difficult, I opted for savory with sausage, jalapenos, and cauliflower-hemp cheeze encased in a fluffy kolache dough. The sausage was chewy and super flavorful and the cheeze was so different than any of the commercial vegan cheeses on the market--it was awesome! I would definitely go back to pick up some sweet treats another day!