Girl Scout Cookies 2018

I have been rabid in my search for Girl Scout cookies this year.  Over a month ago VegNews published it's 2018 Guide to Vegan Girl Scout Cookies and since then, on each and every grocery run I've been on the look out. I've also asked a few of my coworkers every Monday for the cookie report from their side of town. 

Finally this weekend in front of my local Kroger a group of 4 Girl Scout moms were selling. No brownies, daisies, or juniors in sight. Truth be told, I'd prefer to buy from the girls since when I was a girl scout I paid my dues hawking the sweets each season. But whatever, cookies are now in my life.

I got a box of the peanut butter patties, my perpetual fave. There's not much to say other than they are crunchy cookie perfection with a layer of peanut butter, enrobed in chocolate. Delish.

I also got the lemonades. These are lemon shortbreads with a layer of lemon icing on the back. The cookies are quite large, but lightweight for their size. Again, amazing. 

I skipped on the Thin Mints this year. Dunkin Donuts has rolled out Girl Scout Cookies flavored syrup. All contain milk as an allergen except for the Thin Mint. The ingredients listed on the website seem vegan, and I'm waiting on confirmation from the company! Stay tuned.