Something I Tried: Tony's Chocolonely

These large chocolate bars by Tony's Chocolonely really remind me of the whimsical candy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This dark chocolate bar with a coffee kick is a whopping 6 oz (for comparison a standard Hershey bar is 1.55 oz). It's a little pricey, but they were on sale when I picked it up from Whole Foods.

This is a company with a mission to end slavery in the cocoa industry and you can learn a lot about this issue on their website. That's very cool, and makes me want to support this brand, but most importantly, how does it taste?

Amazing! The chocolate is rich and creamy with crunchy nibs and a subtle coffee flavor. The bar is not divided into even squares, but rather what I would consider "shards". I don't love how large some of the pieces are, when I want just a taste. But overall this is sumptuous and delicious.

Lastly, as with most chocolate, it is manufactured in a facility that uses milk for other products, so it includes the ever present disclaimer that it may contain milk.